Coffee For Fresh Mind & Work


Blodgett Creamery Coffee Saloon offers a full line of espresso and designer drinks as well as breakfast and lunch menu items. Based on a concept that encourages community and business relationship building in a one of a kind nostalgic atmosphere. They love to provide the Polson community and visitors with the best coffee, food and service for their community.

Natural Coffee
Unique Blend Tea
Sweet Desserts

About Us

Blodgett Creamery is a coffee shop that offers exquisite coffee along with other hot and cold drinks as well as snacks. The aim of the company is to become the best local coffee house that serves its customers with warmth and offers an ambience that is comfortable, cozy and relaxing.

  • Best Quality

    Blodgett Creamery offers a unique business concept in Polson, Montana as the there are no dedicated high end coffee shops in the local area

  • Healthy Ingredient

    The interior of coffee shop will represent the ideology of Blodgett Creamery and the rich history of the Blodgett heritage in the state of Montana.

  • Exclusive Flavours

    Blodgett Creamery is aware of a new and emerging coffee product that is beginning to become highly requested. Nitro infused coffee is the latest craze in the coffee culture.

Why people choose Blodgett Creamery

Coffee Quality

Blodgett Creamery uses unique blends and roasting processes to provide an unobstructed flavor profile.

Varieties of coffee

It's our goal to keep coffee simple and of the highest quality. We may not have 30 different roasts like other roasting companies but we landed on the ones that count.

Varieties of tea

We aim to partner with companies that offer fresh blends for our customers.

Breakfast, Lunch and Pastries

Home-style sandwich offerings from the red and white checkered picnic tables to the hustle and bustle big city street side flavors.

What our clients say

  •   Wow, I love the atmosphere and the staff was incredibly friendly. What a great little spot for lunch with friends. Thank you for making Polson that much better!

    thumb Katrina Lynch Trotter

      Great spot! Owner and the girls that work there were extremely friendly. Rad atmosphere and coffee. Bonus points to them for also selling Taffy!😜

    thumb Jess Larson

      Such an awesome addition to the Polson community, wonderfully friendly and kind owners, great sandwiches, coffee and ice cream, and tasteful modern design. New favorite spot in town! Good work guys! �

    thumb Abby Wren
  •   Awesome cup of coffee and croissant + great service this morning, I will be back.

    thumb Craig Rawlings

      Finally a nice place to sit down and have some coffee with a friend. 10/10 atmosphere, 10/10 food and drinks.

    thumb Tyler William Rios

      Fast, correct order, tasty, affordable!! I am happy with the addition to our Main Street! And free Wi-Fi!

    thumb Whisper Means
  •   Great place to eat and get coffee. Baristas were awesome!!

    thumb Cyndy Orr Clairmont

      Just stopped by to leave a gift to welcome the owners and ordered an almond chicken salad sandwich was delish and very reasonably priced... Great atmosphere my new favorite place !!

    thumb Debbie Atnip-Benson

      I have now experienced the lovely establishment 3 times and feel comfortable saying you really need to put this one on your must go list!! Wonderful atmosphere, perfectly smooth coffee, amazing food, and even better service!! You won't regret stopping here!! Oh, and I forgot to even mention the prices. The prices are ridiculously reasonable! A new favorite for sure!!

    thumb Shauna Wise
  •   Great little coffee and eatery joint. It'll easily become a Polson favorite! The atmosphere and vibes have caught me.

    thumb Meghan McAlpin

      Coffee is great, as are the prices. Service left a bit to be desired.

    thumb Zak Brandon

      A wonderful addition to our great community! Will be coming back regularly!

    thumb Brittany Simonich
  •   One word: Delicious! Such a cute place! I will definitely be back!

    thumb Lesli Faust Chavali

      This is a great place wonderful atmosphere a very enjoyable experience and the service was exceptional service with a smile oh and the coffee is amazing

    thumb Tamara Leigh

      I'm visiting from Southern California (we come every year to our cabin in Polson) and it was such a nice surprise to find this place! The atmosphere and decor were awesome and the cold brew coffee and breakfast sandwich were delicious! Everyone is super friendly and they have so many options for breakfast, lunch, and dessert. I hope you are here next year when we visit again! We are definitely going to come here a few more times before we hear back to California!

    thumb Julianne Kinnick McDorman
  •   New favorite spot in Polson. Food was delicious, atmosphere was classic, and the service very friendly. Just what downtown Polson needed!

    thumb Megan Pope

      Great place for breakfast, lunch, coffee or ice cream!

    thumb Chad Newman

      Such a good little lunch place for this working mama!! Yummo!

    thumb Dorothy Richele Gilmore
  •   My wife and I stopped in on our vacation through Montana; definitely a must do if you are traveling in or around Polson! The atmosphere and decor are amazing and the service is very friendly and welcoming; and the coffee is great too!

    thumb Paul Bailey

      The Blodgett's did a gorgeous job restoring one of Polson's treasured and beautiful buildings. This place is exactly what makes Polson one of Montana's best kept secrets - super hip and cool while still respectful of Polson's colorful history. I was greeted with a smile, the coffee was excellent (my mocha was perfection), and we were welcomed to stay and talk for over an hour. I'm so thrilled to have such a great new business in Polson. Welcome to the neighborhood!

    thumb Barbara Coffman